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a dog that has had all the basic training for hunting...      

 Field Obedience, Excellent Retrieving Skills and has been put on birds, steady to the gun

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Notes from new owners!

 our Huntmasters Bella. Her training is going well. She obviously has the intense desire to retrieve in her genetics. We absolutely love her and wanted to give y'all an update. Thanks for breeding such awesome dogs!

Jeremy & Heather  April 2017

John & Kathy 

My wife and I love our dog. We named him Bear because he’s huge.  He's progressing very well on his training. He knows sit heel down and stay and he loves to retrieve and the water. And most of all bird wings haha. He's steady too. Sits there at heel until I give him the command to retrieve. Plus he’s a great house dog and is a part of our Family just like a person. We are just really impressed with him and if you would like pictures or any references ever I would be glad to recommend your dogs to anyone. Thanks Sean   (Bear is a yellow male out of Sugar/Motor and is just 3 ½ months old)

Choc female out of Mocha/Diesel's last litter


  I hope you had a good Christmas. Just wanted to send you a few photos of the puppy.  She is growing very well - was over 30 pounds this weekend.   She is an absolute joy to work with and train.  She is reponding very well to the whistle and guns do not bother her at all.  She is a great retriever and is flawless when I whistle her to come.   We have had her out hunting 5 days now and she is starting to quarter well when we go on walks.  We have a couple of fields about 3 miles from us in the city which we walk but no not hunt.  She was with the older male this weekend and we kicked up a total of 11 birds Sunday.  She has a good idea of what we are looking for. Paul

Note from a customer

Hey there just thought I would say thanks again for letting us come watch Levi today I was glad I got to see his first attempt at double marks. I couldn't be any more proud of that pup when he retrieved every one of his marks today even with something new being thrown his way . Thank you guys a bunch for the outstanding job you are doing with him and I cant wait to see what the future brings. Thank you again. Justin

New Puppy owner

Kathy and John, Hey guys! Its been about a 6 weeks since we last talked so I thought I would give you a update on Scout. He is really fitting very well into our home and has fully adjusted. Potty training, "sit", "off" and "no" were easily learned between 8-9 wks old. He has been eagerly retrieving since about 8wks and seems to get better with every week. Took him to a stream when we first got him home to see how he would act around water and he jumped in right away. To my surprise when we took him last weekend he actually retrieved a thrown stick that was thrown into the creek all the way back to me. If things keep progressing like they have, Scout is going to do very well as a hunting companion. Not to mention I think he looks good too!

I will recommend you & your dogs to anyone

Hi Kathy,  It is so good to hear from you.  I hope you and John are enjoying Oklahoma & doing well.  I think of you often. John sure got Meg off to a great start. For the most  part all I have done is shoot birds over her.    Meg is doing great! She retrieved the first dove my friend shot about a  week after we got her. Then I moved farther from him & she retrieved my limit that first day.

Tom  (Tom is the former President of Colorado DU)