Huntmasters Wine N Dine Baylee x HRCH Big N Chocolate Mousse

Pups due Dec 14. from this repeat breeding of two exception dogs.  Family friendly and hard working.


Easy going and fun to hunt with

Big N

Great looking and very trainable



Thanks to everyone who visited with us, inquired about our dogs 

and a special thanks to all the new owners!       

Our Pups all have AKC Unlimited Registration and UKC Registration and carry a 26 month hip and eye guarantee.  They have had their first puppy shots, are wormed several times, have their declaws removed and are scented to wild wings and they will be chipped.

The pups are taken swimming, if water is available, and are exposed to birds!  They are worked and played with extensively, kennel trained and socialized before they leave at 7 to 8 weeks of age.    

(It is important for pups to social with their mom & siblings until 7 weeks of age.  They learn social skills among the litter, how hard to "bite" each other,  dominance in the litter and many other things that pups learn from their mom's and siblings at this early age)