SHR Huntmasters Topaz Gem

Puppies are coming June 20th



DOB Nov 1, 2016

EIC-Clear   CNM-Clear

Hips Good

LRVPI  - 237298G24F

 Taz is extremely Birdie and very a happy dog.  .  Comes from a long line of pointing labs.  Should be a great combination With  Huntmasters Cowboy Pete.


HR Huntmasters 24 Caret Gold


   Tiny but mighty...  She weighs 48 lbs.

DOB Aug 29, 2015

Hips- Excellent


EIC-Clear   CNM-Clear 

B Locus Negative (does not carry chocolate)

Lab Panel - All Clear

Nugget's Pedigree

HR Huntmasters Fire in the Hole



        a blast to run.  Happy and proud!

       DOB Nov. 21, 2015

       EIC- Clear   CNM- Clear  

       D-Locus Negative (non dilute)

        Hips -GOOD  LR-231669G26R-VPI

       Lab panel- All clear      

SHR Huntmasters AnnieOakley

Fast and Fun!!

Huntmasters Grin N Bear it 

& Huntmasters Turbo Charged Diesel 

DOB Sept. 15, 2015

Hips -  Excellent LR-231654E28F-VPI

EIC/CNM  Clear

Non dilute

Continuing the Tradition


HR Huntmasters Morning Brew

Kona is running in finished  

hunt tests and having a blast

DOB Nov 27, 2016

EIC-Clear CNM -Clear

Hips  Good

       LR - 237301G24F-VPI

Non dilute

Lab Panel - all clear

Kona's Pedigree

Sire- Roux

Dam - Baylee

SHR Huntmasters WineNDine Baylee



Baylee is a small, fun loving girl, ready to please. Full of energy.

DOB   March 21, 2013

EIC: Clear    CNM: Clear      

Hips: Good  LR 215240G26f-VPI                

Cerf :LR eye9192 

D-Locus  Negative  (non dilute)    

Baylee's Pedigree